Gray To Grey

by Mariah Conway

By Laurel Gray

PaPa what color are your eyes?
Definitely Hershey Brown, but wait That thing that shines.
Within the light, your given sight might turn to a haze. But that’s why you got “readers” with you while you chill in the shade.
PaPa your eyes are your wisdom that you’ve given to the family tree. So I thank you and Granny, For passing such wisdom to me.
PaPa your eyes are fascinating that’s why I can never turn them away.
After all eye contact is the utmost respect as you and Granny would say. PaPa when I come of age I want my eyes to be like yours.
I can tell my mentality is since I’m not bombarded with chores.
So PaPa look in the mirror when I ask. What color are your eyes?


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