Heartbreak Kid

by Kaylee Webb

By Haniya Davis

As much as I love WWE, I am indeed not an Icon as the great Shawn Michaels. He was what the world wanted to see more of. The yells of amazement and the charismatic charm behind him. They loved him, even adored him. The heartbreak kid, the sexy boy. I’m the polar opposite of an Icon. I’m a cynical, sarcastic, problematic person. But I like that about me. I can get happy but it takes a lot. When I say heartbreak kid, I mean what it says. I’m a kid that breaks hearts and a kid of being broken hearted. Being a heartbreaker isn’t something I’m proud of, I was just stupid and honestly feel bad for it. For all my heart breakers, it’s a waste of everyone’s time, not worth it. I consider myself heartless, I can’t do feelings and relationships. It’s just too hard to get hurt time after time and it gets old. I don’t give people my heart, I put my soul into them. That’s the only strike of faith and hope I have. Many heartbreaks on your heart cause some people to break other hearts because they don’t know that actual feeling of a real love, whether it’s a relationship or friendship, they express what their used to. Heartbreak kid, oh heartbreak kid, how lovely would it be for something real to come your way. Heartbreak kid, oh Heartbreak kid, maybe one day you’ll leave a legacy as great or even better than the original.


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