“Intertwined” By Promise Mitchell

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Suckey by LaShonda Givens


Together as one? Or Alone with each other?
What does it mean to intertwine?
A physical mutation of some kind, causing two bodies, two souls to be morphed as one,
but, see, the fun had only just begun.
Falling in love with love too fast to see if the seeds you planted in him had ever started to grow.
See, he put on a show, not trying to let you know that he only wanted to intertwine between
thys thighs and not thys mind.
But I guess I was blind to see or not see the things he kept hidden off to me
such as insecurities and infidelities,
lies on the lips of my “love.” Intertwined and in denial of the vicious cycle I once believed was
I must confess that I did, in fact, smell the cherry lip balm on his breath, but I brushed it off
because “my baby wouldn’t do me like that.”
But, see, I was to intertwined in the connection.
He had the audacity to step to me with the falsehood of affection,
fabrication and deception.
How did his invention of fiction creep its way into jurisdiction?
I know how. The smoothness of his words in my mental written so perfectly there was no need
for pencil
or the voice full of authority but somehow gentle
intertwined in your words. You never considered my feelings and I was the one to get hurt,
left with heart brutally battered from being intertwined for such a long time.
I wish this was a love story. It’s not!
Told to forgive and forget, but I never forget. Stuck intertwined with heart ready to rot

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