“Overcast Box” by Samantha Cox

Copy of Steele(17x13)-page-001
Steele by Esmeralda Duvnjak



empty boxes everywhere, cold rooms
each with a dead body

people who lived know
you’re sent to one of these dark boxes
a box with no-one
no things

those who lived
they had people who thought pills and talk could solve everything

this girl has a lot of time to think, doesn’t she?
she thinks, if you lose every friend you ever had
then you would need your friends
wouldn’t you?

she doesn’t think
and talk with empty friendship
would fix a life starved
of having someone to comfort you
to give you any self-confidence to speak of
to help you out of the boxes


this box, the consumer of everything in your life, that poisonous gas that grows
inside that holds you and life in

but someone or something got them out of there
is how they survived




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