Striving Towards A Better America

by Connor Kitchen

By Traydon Rogers

Our society swimming in stress and depression,
drowning in all the pain we suppressin’.
It’s time to learn a new lesson. it’s time stand up and be the lifeguard because,
it ain’t enough to tread water when life’s hard.
“Strive not Survive,” that’s the life card and not the one you swipe.
I know some of you are not the type to stand like Colin Kaepernick did to defend our rights, but that’s how we need to be.
Years on years we allowed backwards courtesy and we need to fix that,
I’m talking social surgery.
Courts dishing out injustice based off common perjury.
So please don’t speak a word to me if you haven’t contributed to the work that be, because
there’s work to be done.
so many of us are either passive or pointing a gun.
Bullets flying more than dreams.
We the people divided into teams, and I’m not just talking politics.
I mean all of it.  And ignorance is causing this fall because allowing your mind to be blindfolded does nothing but causes you to miss the wake up call.
It’s time to be the wrecking ball, breaking down double standards and discrimination, taking steps towards equity and conciliation,
past the race bullying and devastation,
to a reformed nation where our society isn’t injected with lies and fables,
where race and gender don’t come with brands and labels, where police ain’t stealing innocent lives,
where anger towards police isn’t sharpening like knives, where the youth’s minds isn’t filled with pollution,
corrupted with the notion that thug life is the solution because these are the crooked conclusions of the America’s society today and no more should these be. It’s time to strive towards better reality.
It starts with us.

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