The Headline Reads…

by Daniel Hamilton


“The ordinary story.” As a kid you used to visit. There one moment, then gone the next, in an instant. Better not blink or you might miss it. Had to grow up rather self-sufficient. You never return my calls, so I improvised. Seeking a father within another man, a man that I too couldn’t stand. Now as I stand, I have to say…you met the expectations of the entire nation. A black man with the lack of ambition to help his children. Even by omission, you still won’t listen. You were far too busy for a call. Or frankly, love at all. Love being time, affection, appreciation not rejection and the absence of communication, but it’s fine. You filled out a resume for a job you deemed yourself unqualified for with the only qualifications of a deadbeat. Fourteen plus years did me swell. I used to wish you go to hell for all the lies that you expelled. And that you would apologize, resurface to reclaim and free me from this pain. Then I realized there were no lies. You couldn’t  rise because there were no ashes. Only parcels of glasses from a future that you shattered. The possibilities that you could’ve had with me were endless. Though you decided to end this, even before your actual entrance. I would be willing to move past this, but then again I wrote this. This poem isn’t  intended to leave you suspended in the past. Of all the things you did wrong, more appropriately things you didn’t do. I have no intention to say things like “You made my heart weep.” That use of personification is just a cheap oversimplification. If you really wanna know how I feel then get your appeal and read about it, cuz the headline read…

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