Puzzle Pieces

by Arion Marshall


I’m a black gay female.
the biggest of minorities in this country
I so happen to be stuck in.
We fail to accept the minority is now the majority
in the society we live in.
Seems no matter how many times
we raise our fists flags or voices,
our position in life is our choices?
This ain’t adding up. Do the math.

“Gone tell that nigga to go home,”
but you would only be telling him to stay right where you are.
Snatched and told not to flee to a land we were destined to be
but if you seek that destiny. Punishments would lead to death
If not—
beatings so dreadful we would with death could be
the silencer of our cries.
Do we have a choice?
To go back to a place We no longer know?
“Sinner,” “dyke,” “fag.” “You’re going to hell for your lifestyle,
living wild lusting after your own kind.”
My kind? Are you blind? I thought I was mankind.
And all we are are humans.
Led to live a life of survival by instinct like the mammals We are.
Why is it so disgusting for a person to love a person
with the same “under belt parts”?
I was told love was found in the human heart. Not the pants.
No more silence. I’ll stand and protest.
Rainbow stating, girls do it best.
And that you homophobe, I can confess, is so very true.
“Aye lil mama lemme talk to ya, got some things I wanna do to ya”
“See now i ain’t even want ya, I just wanna hit, quit, diss,
so ya worth I’ll snatch then I’ll flaunt ya.”
Now that’s where you boys go wrong, treating Us girls like toys
tryna get in Our thongs. Rather than hearing
the songs My Spirit singes. You wanna see if I’m into different things
like you. Nah.
Yes, I’ve been with a guy. Yes, I can do it by myself. Yes, I’ll keep my job. Get to school
and get a car with no handout or help. No assistance is needed. My strength I will plead.

‘Cause I’m a Strong Black Gay Female,
So you better believe
I’ll keep raising my fists. I’ll keep using my voice.
I’ll keep loving who I love, ‘cause it ain’t no damn choice.

Black Power. Is inside this fist I clench while shaking these Locs.

Love is Love. The motto I live by in this life of hate.

Feminism. Not my want to downgrade a man but to be seen as able.

Puzzle pieces to this unfinished puzzle. Fill me in.

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