Submission Guidelines


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Poetry and Story submissions now closed. Art submissions open until February 27th.



Outside Literary Magazine editors want honest poems, stories, and visual work that is imaginative and exciting. We want poems, stories, and art with a purpose that explore real-life situations and experiences with creative techniques—language, images, characters, voice, style, color, etc. We understand that some work addresses mature subject matter. Explicit language and content of artistic value can be included in moderation.

Send submissions to or hand-deliver to Ms. Bohn and Ms. Schuh. For help with submitting art, contact Mr. Perry, Ms. Terry, and/or Art Editor Valeria Monroy and PR Director Bryan Diaz.


DO NOT include your name on the poems, stories, or art pieces. Include personal information on a cover letter. The cover letter should list:

  • The author’s name
  • The titles of the works submitted
  • Contact information (email, English teacher’s name, and English class period)

POETRY: Include 3-5 poems, with titles. Overall no more than 10 pages. (For questions, contact Poetry Editor Bella Appleton)

STORIES: Include 2-3 stories (personal stories, fiction, and essays), up to 2,000 words each. (For questions, contact Story Co-Editors Genevieve Dodson and Lara Wulff) 

ART: We welcome all types of art—paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, textiles, video, etc.—as long as it is submitted electronically, jpeg preferred, pdf accepted. (For questions, contact Art Editor Valeria Monroy and Marketing Specialist Bryan Diaz)