Art by Trent lovett

By Looking at Her

Poem by Abbigail Bossi

They said she died instantly, but I know that’s not true because there were many seconds in which her whole life flashed before her eyes multiple times. But for you to say that she was being stupid and emotional, you have played a part in her death. Did you know her?

By looking at her hair, could you tell that she was abused? Dragged around by the very woman that brought her into this world?

By looking at her scars, did you think that she was better now? That she was healed?

By looking at her curves, did you think she wanted to be touched there? That she wanted to have  a child at age 16?

By looking at her grades, did you think she was perfect? That her life is carefree and that she is ungrateful? 

By looking at her baby, did you think she was a slut? That she wasn’t a good mother?

One person dies of suicide every 40 seconds. That’s almost a million suicides a year. Care for those you love and ask them one simple questions… “Are you ok?” Save a life before it’s too late.