Art by Connor Kitchen


Poem by Kaeland ALexander

I am the almighty!

Anytime I speak I command the room I’m in.

There was a time when I was humble

Then I would topple entire empires and watch as they all crumbled,

“If God Existed he would be me.”

You see I, I created the world in 7 days 

I set the backbone of time and gave to my people a week

A powerhouse of the cosmos, and at its peak, there was me

I shined because I’m all-knowing, to classify it, I birthed divinity

I bore a child and became not one but all of three

I’m the Holy Trinity, an amalgam of excellence

My power so great that no mere man or mortal can lay their eyes upon me for more than a second.

My power so potent that my words cut deeper than any man’s weapon.

I made everyone in my image, so you all would know beauty

I made it so you could look upon a mirror, but you people perverted my image into something frightful

Warned not to worship false idols.

I am the true King!

My people, they’ve built cathedrals and chapels in my name

Making sure never to speak or utter it in vain

My children bow their heads and pray to thee

I am the solution to their problems

I am the apex, The omnipotent! I am holy

I speak to you all so you can bask in my glory

There is no pride on my insides. my power never lessens it only becomes grander. 

It knows no bounds, never hindered by any mere mortals standards.

I stand here flaunting my grandeur with GOD-like manners.

I value truth so I exiled your tongues if at their tips absented candor.

I set and established the precedent of what is pure.

I did that. 

The man worshipped for his feats should have been no one but me