Art by IsaBel Suarez


Poem by Jazlynn Bohlen

“She sent spectres, ruled the ghost, and carried into effect the curses of men”

I gave you fruit 

I prayed to you

I offered my life instead of his

And still my son’s body laid before me lifeless and no longer held memories 

His body no longer held the bright sun in his heart

 that is now a dimmed hole in his chest

His hyperactive spirit was no longer here to brighten up a room

And You still chose not to speak

You know I did nothing but worship you and live by your wishes

Persephone why were you so quiet.

I called your name . 

Begged you to bring him back.

Had this tragedy struck you by surprise?

Maybe you were involuntarily silent because instead of ignorance your mouth it hold


Persephone Speak. 

You had no right to be speechless 

I begged you to Please say something…. 

And in my surprise you did

But this time not with words…with life.

And you still chose not to speak?

Why love death.

Is grieving worth reliving that beautiful thing you call

That gentle thing you call 

That deadly thing you call love.

You personify gullible. 

You love something that hurts you over and over again with no remorse 

Going back to the agonizing pain―

I didn’t choose my beautiful dead.