Blood Sweat and Tears by Alexis Albrecht

A Poem to a broken girl whose shattered pieces i fell in love

Poem by Darius "Dareios" Jackson

Lingered to your masquerade

your masking mask 

can mask your jade,

your jaded jade 

is fading fade

and losing color twice a day,

a day of days

becomes a week 

and weeks of weeks

can make you weak, 

but weak is strength 

and strength is strong,

but your strong can strong

for no more long

I take your mind 

while minding mine

and mine the diamond 

under mines, 

then craft a ring 

that rings your ring 

like knocking boxers 

out the ring, 

but if the ring 

can ring the bells 

and bells will bell 

if ringing tells,

then tell me tales 

of tailing tales 

and stories stored 

within a store,

for if I store 

in too many words 

than storage stores 

will be way more, so 

I twist the tongue 

and twist your twist,

for twisting turns 

can turn abyss,

abyss or bye 

or alibi your testimony 

can never lie,

for me and you 

and you to I,

I need more love

inside my life for 

this is……I.