PINKDRESS by Bryan Diaz

Changing of the Seasons

Poem by Darius "Dareios" Jackson

I’m a leaf 


Nothing more simple as that 

Simple as black 

But there’s still a couple problems with that.


Magnitude of dreams figured my calling, 

As a bud I wanted to grow and be a flower 


But… I’m a leaf.


So that wasn’t really likely because of my lack qualities that was perceived 

Didn’t give opportunities see 


I’m a leaf,


We make it look glamorous and fun 

Raised straight from the trees and under the beaming sun.

But it’s not that laid back 


It’s kinda hard seeing my brothers falling every time its cold out 

Cause when it’s cold out the po’ 

I mean the snows out.

See when it’s cold out jack cop, I mean, Jack Frost out 


Aggravation for no reason he nibbles at yo roots, 

Then you freeze and then, oh shoot

You’re falling. 


By the time medics arrive the poor guy doesn’t survive 

But I’m a leaf 

That’s common over here, 

Buds growing in fear while momma’s face’s stained with tears 

And that’s just one season of the year 

We still got three more to go. 


So we go when it’s cold but we good when it’s sunny 

HA! That’s funny 


Because once it becomes summer that’s when the insects come. 

You got cater-Crippers cutting up cavaliers to cut you out this catastrophe if they feel you acting weird


Or the Blooderflies that body bodies or any body that look easily robby or not wearing the color of liquid in your body.

They both eat at our lives see that’s 

Nature on nature crime.


But there’s no lawfully laws that laws us 

If anything involves us,

Because we’ll be all dust 

When’s it autumn. 


Our colors are vibrant, but our texture is brittle 

In a pile on the ground, but we still look little.

Humans claim we’re beautiful but anytime we’re on the pavement they still step on us, 

Now that’s a riddle.


Y’know those rappers say “fall like autumn leaves” because we fall so gracefully,

It’s crazy how they fall in love in our downfall

Especially when we fall down far.


But we always try to spring up when spring’s up

But not all leaves make it when spring comes, 

New buds are formed while the weather’s warm 

We hope they make it to next spring and not just three hours,

Societal judgment that acid rain during these spring showers. 



I’m a leaf.


I’m a leaf. 


I’m a leaf.

But what does that mean!? 

So what if I’m a leaf 

Does me being a Leaf make me less than you!? 

Does me being a Leaf make me less intelligible!? 


Does me being a leaf make my life expectancy less than yours!?

Does it make my brothers thugs and my sisters whores 


What does me being a Leaf have to do with ANYTHING!? 

Does it give you the right to pick us off the trees, and leave us to rot like we’re nothing even tho you’re the ones that

planted us here


Changing of the seasons 

Cause you’re cold like the winter. 

Got a burner for the summer if you hit us then we timber,

Falling more than autumn who we calling if we falling 

If we fallen then we fallen ain’t nobody we can call in.


And if we on the ground it doesn’t matter if it’s March there ain’t no springing up!

Cause ever since a seed they ain’t believe in us, 

In society we last and there ain’t no keeping up!

Everybody had a head start and now they leaving us!


I’m not just something on the sidewalk. 

Not just something in the trees. 

Not something you can step on.

Or avoid with ease. 

I’m not something that’s lesser cause you’re a human being. 

And value isn’t determined from what you see.