Life Enjoy It! by LaShonda Givens

Do it all again

Poem by Genevieve Dodson


The first time.


Tokyo, The Island, and Masterpiece. 


We screamed.


The second time.


Jet Black Alley Cat got their money stolen.

Spent thirty dollars just to make sure they got gas to the next venue.

Royal Teeth bummed me out.

They’re musicians’ constant power struggle.

The Catching was new.

I didn’t know anything about them… Yet.

I talked to the lead, got a free button.

Became friends.

I think. 

Come Together, Do To Me, and Rush.

I remembered them.


The last time. 

Bronnie gave me a laugh.

She made me smile for the first time in a while.

The Catching came back. 

I handed them the script I wrote.

Catch This.

They played a great set.

Holden saved and changed my life.

Went from theatre to guitar major finally.


Wrote music.

Got an interview with a magazine.

Let out my demons.


I remembered what led me to them.

The breakup, the tears, the hatred.

The social media post, the concert tickets, the lyrics.

Now, I do what they do.

And even knowing what I know now,

I would still do it all again.

Every Single Part Of It.