Copy of Free(10x11)

Free by LaShonda Givens


Poem by Tyjah Stallings

Mommy, why are the man in blue taking daddy.

I thought free meant to have rights

 To be able to speak and explain themselves?

If that’s the case, why did they put daddy in a black bag while he’s sleeping. 

Mommy, tell daddy to wake up. He won’t listen to me.

 Daddy get up, please. Tell them they can’t just take you. Mommy why are you crying.

 Why are the blue men yelling. Mommy, what’s going on, 

why won’t daddy listen to me 

What are men in blue holding

Mommy, stop crying, mommy i’m scared. 

Daddy, wake up. Aren’t you able to break free.

 Daddy, daddy get up

Mommy I’m scared where are they taking daddy. Don’t take my dad while he’s sleep.

 Give him back

Daddy daddy come on, mommy why are there lights everywhere mommy. 

The men in blue are yelling mommy what is going on

 Brother why are they taking mommy

Mommy don’t leave we need to wake daddy.

Aren’t we supposed to be free.