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Higher DefinitioN by LaShonda Givens

It's Just Perfect

Poem by Tyjah Stallings

We were perfect.

 Nothing was going to bring us down. He always called me his goddess and treated me like one. 

When people was trying to drag me down, he would remove the anchors so that I could sail freely. 

He would protect me from violent fist that consistently try to break down my wall, and would never

raise his to me. That was the case at first. 

I never thought the guy I fell in love with, the guy that treated my like a queen, would bare his

fangs at the one who healed that wounded heart of his. Who would’ve thought the wings that

helped me fly would be ripped right off my back. How could I have been so blind. My fairytale

daydream now becoming a horrific nightmare.

 I didn’t want to believe it. The only support to my building was taken away, beaten, and burned to

ashes. Now my foundation is falling apart. His laughters of encouragement now replaced with

screams of disheartened words.

 His warm smiles replaced with cold hearted frowns. Even the golden honey like almonds 

that filled me with delight, turned into a terrifying wood like soul-snatching stones. 

Even the blind could see how far I have fallen from heaven. Never thought I would ever meet a 

demonic angel. No longer baring my wings, I couldn’t fly back to the light. The dark has become

my home. His demons now mine. It’s just perfect.


Just Perfect.