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Sistahood by LaShonda Givens

Me Too

Poem by Lauriel Gray

You need a hand? I’ll be the man, to help you stand. 

Spread your name and knowledge across the land. 

Show you that you can 

spread anything but ya legs to get ahead. Write the book before its read. Or 

spoken, opened thru dark jokes n not a penny for ya thoughts but he’ll toss ya like a token. Broken 

is what ya heart is, bleeding, feel like the protector committed treason. Given you reasons to start leaving before the sun’s light go out. 

Cause when them crickets chirpin them creeps lurkin. That’s why you can’t be alone when you be about. Cause what if no ones near to hear you shout. Wow.

Such a dark place this worlds become. Where a mother feel like she can’t protect 

her only son. From becoming the kind of man 

of which she used to run. When will all this shit be done?

When will this cycle run, 

off a cliff then it drifts to a dark abyss , of all the dark wrongs in the world where demons sit 

at a bottomless pit. Where they repent for crimes they did.

Don’t get me wrong 

I mean to strike no fear in you. But that feeling of sadness is cause you know its true. 

And it might do damage that this coming from a dude. 

But we are all made equal said some wise fool.