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BLKANDWHT by Bryan Diaz

No Emotions Means Human

Poem by Samantha Danielle Cox

Blood-Rain speaks, “You’re not supposed to have emotions.”


I laugh at the noises in my head and continue my own thing.


“Your teacher didn’t want to see your hopelessness. 

Your teacher said not to show your emotions.”


I know that you’re right, but if I listen to you now, the only time in my life I felt truly happy will stop. Dead. 


“What about Her? What were Her words to you 

about living past eighteen and getting a job? 

The same teacher proved Her right after all.”


I double-checked when the teacher’s words activated the gun that is inside Her. I walked around trying to prove the teacher and Her wrong. But everyone I talked to agreed.


“You’re not supposed to have emotions.

You’re not human. 

You should have gotten rid of your emotions years ago.

This is why no one likes you!”


. . .


Her calls me. Time for me to go. Another day I don’t have to fight with you, Blood-Rain. Another day I pretend I don’t care. But you’re right, though. I’m not supposed to have emotions. But I have my happy place, this school. I will keep it for as long as I can.