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Cheetos by Nick Dilworth

Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice

Poem by Haniya DAvis

Sweet child your spice is something never seen before.

 Your soul reminds me of everything I aspire to be. 

You’re my inspiration in life. But sweet child…I have failed us. I have failed you. 

I am not what you expected. Life taught us that everything nice that we want , 

you have to go through a load of spice.

You wanted to be seen on the big screen, but now that’s only just a dream. 

You wanted to love, you wanted to be loved…

and I…I broke you.

Sweet child, let me be you again.

This isn’t what I expected.

I can’t go on…

Help! Help me!

Sugar, Spice, Everything nice. 

That’s all the boys want from you doll. Oh kind soul,

we weren’t supposed to fall in the hands of hurt,

and get comfy. They’ve made spice out of all the sugar you gave.

Please…grace me with what kept me going and all the sweet ,gentle characteristics

that no one ever knew we had.

Sugar…Spice…Everything nice, they took everything from us little one.

help.. .help me. 

Sugar…Spice…Everything nice.

Nothing is ever as nice as it seems…