Olu(Kiss) by Bryan Diaz

ALmost Blue

A Poem by Darius "Dareios" Jackson from Central vpa

Your fiery red was burning out to the coldest hue,

that was almost me now it’s almost you.

But I’m still so almost blue

while listening to the oldest blues.

Blacken my soul with the oldest news. And the happy yellow memories I’m scrolling through.

It’s making me almost shoot

every bright shade that’s strolling through .

Questioning roses: why can’t I be like you?

Not because your red shines love or because you bring others delight,

I wanna be like you because you don’t feel this gray at night.

I wanna be like you because you don’t mix in different colored moods and get blackish hue.

You’re doing well,

while I’m almost through.

You played it smart

and I was almost fooled.

You’re a life lesson,

I was almost schooled.

You’re the ROYGBIV,

while I’m almost blue.

My life was crayola

before you

took it back to the 50s and that black and white started polaroiding through;

you framed me as a villain and you wanna roll back through

tryna make it right.

Tell me: how we supposed to paint a relationship that’s

picture perfect when you made me color blind?

Life a mess ‘cause you was coloring outside the lines. ‘Cause what you done was outta line

Everybody else still see picasso,

even though the true picture is not so

pretty as they wish to know.

The whole thing is just one color:

It’s almost