Artwork by Isabel Suarez

There's a Void... Somewhere

A Poem by Danielle Cox from centrAL VPA

I’m guessing it’s the heart because I can see the Blue mixed with the Red—

a lot of Blue over the Red too.

I check to see if the the septum walls of the heart are broken,

but nothing is wrong.

Cancer maybe?

I think cancer may make a lot of Blue from the oxygenated Red.

I look around.

Nothing is wrong with the Blue veins and Red arteries.

Lungs maybe?

Nothing is wrong with the capillaries,

still making Blue back to Red.

Bones maybe?

Nothing is wrong with the Red and White fighter production lines.

Where is this Purple coming from?

I check the Brain Co. offices.

Follow the electric lines which were sparking more than normal.

I see a blue section.

A very important safe was left open

Its papers, missing.

I stop there. It’s a restricted zone

It’s just the subconscious doing its thing

It’s nothing probably

I know it’s not nothing.

Something is wrong.

As part of the conscious league,

I report it.



Brain Co. Report Board




“There’s a lot of Blue in the Red pipes. As you know, this damages the whole body if left

unchecked. I thought nothing was wrong until I walked around the Brain Co. offices. I saw the

subconscious department was constructing a blue section. I am reporting this because, if I’m not

mistaken, that section is where the friend protection documents are. I know documents in safe

19 AKA F.S. Friends are no longer with us. In the way that she used to be anyways. But even


though her documents are not being updated, can someone inform the frontal lobe workers, or

someone else that can investigate? This might be something that we need to look into.”



“I know Brain Co. is shutting down soon due to lack of protection protocol in current and future

projects. Plus some other oversights. This may have something to do with that. Again, get

frontal lobe or someone important to look at this.”