Bored by Alexis Albrecht

A selection of poems

by Tyjah Stallings from central vpa


Vision so blinded by smoke that not even fire can produce. Restless eyes: looking glasses of the

body, exploring one’s mind through their portals of sight. Once bright, now dull with smoke and

ashes of the lashes that lashed one’s skin gentle as a mother’s kiss.


Ears heightened. No longer seeing my flaws as problems, now hearing bells that golden hues

shine in my victory. Vision so blinded by ash, which burned lashes no longer leave behind.

Tasting gentle rays of sunshine that my open blinds have been closed.


The color of my blinds drained away with the tears of hatred that once turned chocolate

brown eyes red. Each hour they fell into a puddle of beauty. Once returned to its normal tone,

it turned to the vision of a blind man, whose eyes see more than just light.


Lightning flashed as fast as a blink of an eye, eyeing my misfortune as it turned into a pleasing

meadow of red roses. Bodies stand over eyes now stained. For a vision no longer blinded by

negativity has now reached eyes that have found peace.


Brows bowed to vision that not even religion can bless, for the highways of sight saw power

that no god could ever dream of reaching. My looking glasses now show the path my eyes were

meant to follow but my feet will never reach.

Beautifully Dangerous

Who would’ve thought it would be so beautiful.

Who knew danger would be the next big thing on social media,

quietly moving without a trace.

You wouldn’t know it was there until the last second.

Its smooth skin, camouflaged in the shrub.

Who knew that this model could make a striking hit on the latest fashion.

This unintentional model made the jungle it runway and the audience its prey,

for they couldn’t resist stopping and staring at this stunningly adaptive creature.

Her body slim to the end, eyes like heat radars tracking every move made in her domain.

She is the mother of fertility.

The beautifully dangerous snake that sends everyone running when they know where she is.

Her body turns and twists like a bending river.

I never thought that something so dangerous could be so beautiful.

Who would’ve thought that the snake, was my best friend in disguise,

in her natural habitat.


The sun faded shortly in golden rays.

He loved the moon’s silver streaks

so much that he would die at the end of every day,

so that she may live in the beginning of every night.

Her streaks were the warmest smile he had ever seen

and he would want to be the cause of it.

Her eyes shine brighter than he did.

The stars danced around her.

The music of the gentle breeze blew through her peaceful night.

Skin softer than a cloud,

voice gentler than the breeze.

She could move mountains with a single glance.

She could split the ocean with just her smile alone.

His light

would bow

to her darkness.

She sang lullabies which

were said to have put Zeus to sleep.

Beauty so captivating,

she puts the goddess Athena to shame

The night has never been so enchanting.

Hades would move hell’s fire

Just to let her through.