Art by Cicily Lunceford

Artwork by Cicily Lunceford

When the Illusion Fades

A Poem by Devyn Buckner from central vpa

A hidden objective.

My line’s were faded into yours.

I tried to draw them,

But came back stronger every time.


Like a moth to a flame,

I fell into your gaze and lost my way with you.

You were the hurricane that came and blew away all my pain so that I could be happy too.

Through the good and the bad,

the happy and the sad,

I can’t help but think of you.


We had a good thing going for a while.

You stood beside me when times were feeling wild.

Now everything’s changed.

Lonely nights feel like days,

and I hope to find my way

when the illusion fades.


A blank perspective

was all I needed now that you’re gone,

but my mind was selective.

My judgement was clouded by the ghost of you.

I was looking for what I never needed.

Found myself killing the dreams that were kept a secret.

Now I’m running in and out of sparks,

wondering where the light was

when I got lost in the dark.

Through the highs and the lows,

all the love and sorrows,

I still find myself missing you.


I know I’ve been by your side through the years,

brushed away all your tears even though you never asked me to.

Then you turned all my joy into fears,

gave me up for some cheers,

but when you look back on all the old days,

you should be sad with what was.

You’ll know things never were that way,

when the illusion fades.