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Artwork by Nadiya Cody From Central VPA High School

I Don't See COlor

Poem by Jaiyana StallWorth From Central VPA High School

You say “I don’t see color”
What you mean is “I don’t see the oppression”
You don’t see the culture and how we suffer
You don’t see the lesson.

If you can’t see color, you can’t see the issues.
You can’t understand who we are, how we got every scar
Why we wrote our rhythm and blues.

When you don’t see color, you don’t see the difference.
You group us together and you can never see the privileges.

You can’t see the privilege if you can’t see the problem.
You have to face the issues if you ever wanna solve them.
You walk around and make the choice not to see the misery
Because when you don’t see color, you don’t see the history.

History. History was two hours ago
History was a minute back when I first started this poem.
History is being made every second we go on.
You playing bystander is a sign of history gone wrong.

“You don’t see color” you say
So you think the world we live in now is fine?
When we still have issues over color everyday.
By erasing color, you’re erasing time.

Time. Time and time again our lives are overlooked.
Labeled as too political, our words always going misunderstood.

Your colorblindness is not a civilian,
Yet a weapon in this war.
Your words cut deep to reveal the red blood beneath our skin.
One of the few things we share and all the differences cannot be ignored.

They act as if the red of our blood is not the same color as our heart.
They draw with the blood spilled creating messy pieces of art.

Art. Art conveys a message.
It’s a passage way of symbols
It’s the way an artist expresses
Themselves whether it be with the largest canvas or the smallest of pixels.

We color our art, every skin tone different.
Each color holding a symbol of the privilege.
Held in the hands of those who chose not to take part.
Held in the hands of those who do not see art.

Art. Art is apart of history. History is made up of time. Time, we’ll never have enough to

ever make things right

And we wonder, will the world be better by the time we see our final light?
And we may leave this world with a simple thought on our minds.
You say you don’t see color, yeah right.