20210115_232441 - Eriana Denise

artwork by Eriana Freeman From Central VPA High School


Poem by emma miller from McKinley CLA High School

Did you know 

That a finger

Forced behind your teeth

Will force your mouth open

Whether you like it or not.

I would know.

It kept me alive.


They asked me

why “Just eat.”

I don’t respond.

I’m too busy

Counting calories

Counting steps

Counting the days until

A stiff wind

Can blow me over


They ask me 

What started this 

And I remember

Looking in the mirror 

Tears in my eyes 

And a voice saying 

Once you’re skinny 

It’ll be okay

Once you’re skinny

People will finally like you

Once you’re skinny

You’ll be happy 

But skinny wasn’t 

Skinny enough


But once you’re skinny 

You can’t hide

The shaking hands

You can’t hide

The blue lips

You can’t hide

The sunken cheeks


That voice is never happy

The end goal will keep shrinking 

Keep you shrinking


There’s nothing to shrink 

But once you’re skinny 

Once you’re skinny enough 

Once you’re