Sertraline By Lara Wulff from Central VPA High School

The Six of Us

Poem by Jelani Penny-Johnson from Metro A&C High School

The wind whispers as the ocean waves.

The golden sunset sets upon us.

I steady my phone,

making sure everyone is in frame.

Two of you release timid laughs.

The other three have soft smiles.

The glare of the sun pervades my camera.

I remember the six of us in the hallways.

Talking together, telling jokes, laughing.

How much we hated the classes.

How much we looked at the clock,

just to see that seconds had passed.

I remember the moments I recorded.

Our first time stepping into high school.

The birthday parties.

The sleepovers.

The glare finally passes.

Two of you go towards the ocean,

then quickly retreat after realizing how cold it is.

One of you asks another a question.

The person responds, and points towards me.

You turn towards me as well,

and start to wave.

Shocked, I lower my phone and widen my eyes.

A lump forms in my throat.

Those hallways are empty now.

The classrooms we hated

become nostalgic.

They were such useless,

Beautiful moments.

All things must pass.

But I thought we had a bit more time left.