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I can't breathe by Jordyn Shaw from Metro A&C High School

Words Unspoken

Poem by tyjah Stallings from Central VPA High School

The mind can be one of two things.

When left without some type of help or small emotional releases. 

The mind can be a battlefield.

 Of emotions or unhealthy thoughts.

 A blood stained area forever being trampled as long as it continues to live.

 The mind can also be dead. 

One or the other when left alone. Not in between.

 When words go unspoken it becomes a nuclear weapon.

 Laying dormant with the memories that caused the words to be birthed.

 Through the sorrow of a lost one.

In front of their own house.

Never enough time to run from reality.

If only unspoken words were spoken.

But time never rewinds.

 Words that never formed into a story told out loud, makes its way to paper.

And ceases the growing war.

Never knew how fast blood could spew out of a person’s body. 

It forever replays in my head.

Like a cartoon rerun.

It never gets old.

Oh to silence the gunfire.

 That eternally rings throughout my head.

 To silence a noise that only grows louder with each second that goes by.

A heaven heard of by all, known to few.

 If only unspoken words were as loud as sirens,

 Enough for the block to hear. 

Words living in memories of the dead. 

Silence died in the memories of the living.

And yet.

Words are still left unspoken.

 I saw the blood spatter.

 I saw the wounds,

 Around ten maybe?

 Oh to see without my eyes. 

To hear without my ears. 

To speak words unspoken. 

A way to release.

 Paper and a pencil. 

Written words.

 To never be spoken.

 Released the burden.

 Of pain and anger from one’s chest.

Released becomes a feeling of relief.

Where unspoken words will never be trapped.

 Here the trampled land became a meadow of flowers.