Red Forest Laila Alhajeri

Red Forest by Laila Alhajeri
from Collegiate CSMB

Believe in the Unknown

Poem By Skye Morris from Central VPA

I’m on the edge  

Scared to jump 

Scared to fall 

But it’s the only way to go 


No rope  

No ladder 

All alone 

No longer able to hang on by a thread  


I’ve made my bed 

Time to lie in it 

The only way out is to thrive in it  


Feeling uneasy 

Not sure if this is right 

But it must be  


There’s nowhere left to go 

But into the unknown 


I hear something calling me 

Not sure what it is 

It sounds so familiar 

Almost like kin 


Eyes burning 

Heart turning 

Air is hard to find 

I climbed a tree 

Way to the top 

To see what I could find 


There’s no more tree 

The branches are gone 

The only way out is down 


Or so it seems… 


I’m on the edge 

Scared to jump  

Scared to fall 

There are two choices to make  


Believe in logic 

Believe in sight 

And climb back to the ground  


Or take a risk  

Just jump 

And believe in this thing I found  


Feeling confident but uneasy 

I’m sure that this is right 


Time to believe in this thing I found 

And let myself take flight  


It may be windy 

And storms are strong  

But why should I care 


For this thing I found is love 

And it can take me anywhere 


So with these words I say goodbye 

To those I knew and knew not 

For there’s nowhere left but the unknown 

And the love I have in my heart