Bloat by Atticus Jones
from Collegiate smb

Can't think of a title for this one

Poem by ZAhra Stevick from collegiate smb

Can’t think of a title for this one, 

Might just use the first line. 

Uncertain about structure. 

Rhymes are boring: already snoring. 

I could attempt to do stressed and unstressed, 

But that is even worse than Googling rhymes. 

The time it takes for me to write my best 

Is practically a literary crime. 

So what about a villanelle? 

Despite the energy they take, 

I love the stories they can tell. 

But I have not a chance in hell 

Of writing one without mistakes. 

So long to a villanelle. 

I’m rhyming now, I don’t know how. 

I’d go back, but I think my backspace key is tired. 

Maybe an acrostic would work? But no – 

How to write an acrostic, 

Everyone learns that, 

Low-effort, boring, 

Preschool poetry. 

What then, a haiku? 

I’m wasting time deciding. 

Who’s gonna read this? 

Me, in my kitchen, 

Six months from now, or never. 

I’ll just let it rot. 

Not sure how to end this.