Untitled by Jemori Reese,
From Metro A&C

Grown Black Man

A Poem by Jasper Jones from Central VPA

Hands up please don’t shoot. 

3 on 1, what can I do? 
Words hurt, but guns do, too. 
I’m seeing lights, red and blue. 

In a few seconds Imma be in the ground. 
With hella people around. 
I was walking around. 
Now I’m looking up to see my brother frown. 

Telling them they got the wrong men. 
While I’m waving my hands. 
It’s probably because I’m a grown black man. 
And they wishing that my life should end. 

Looking at all these people thinking that I might die. 
Telling them it’s ok no need to cry. 
It’s just a life that God planned out.