Lupines Under the Daytime Moon- Ella Montague

Lupines under the Daytime Moon by Ella Montague
from Collegiate CSMB


Poem By Rory Robinson from Gateway STEM

Bright blue petals shimmering in the sun.

The gentle breeze carrying the

If only someone were to notice. 

through the city.

If only someone were to notice.

destination controlled by strict

The Flower remains.

Slowly, the air becomes 

People continue quickly

A bright blue petal falls

As winter sets in,

The air feels sharp and painful.

A petal falls

The ground becomes too cold to harbor life.

The Flower shrivels. 


Tall stem swaying ever so slightly with the wind.

pleasant smell of the Flower.

As rushed footsteps, fall and cars bustle 

The Flower remains.

As people move briskly to their next


If only someone were to notice.

cold and harsh. 

to their destinations.

If only someone were to notice.

snow begins to fall.

The city continues to move as normal.

If only someone were to notice.

The city continues to move.

The Flower no longer remains.