Banana Pull me Closer

Banana Pull Me Closer by Ella Montague
from Collegiate SMB

Of Rowboats and Rainbows

Poem By Simon Spier from Gateway STEM

we all have secrets

however, some have not just a secret

we dare not to tell a soul, see them wrongly treat us like villains,

but our identity is not that of a villain but truly more like heroes.


most of us knowing, only to project a false self for all to see, until earth itself may send your soul into the sea. alone. just as it nearly

did with mine a few times now; are left with no land in sight upon a doomed ship. but something in us perhaps the rains upon our backs, tells us to mend the hole, even if just long enough to swim to shore.


but I digress…


while in decades past only a select few outsiders may have been accepting, more folk while still outsiders, are like friends of our

tribes, throwing a raft out when they see our ships start to sink rather than firing cannons


and while still to this day some of us are forced into hiding not only in other lands some seas away but, even some of our own, the

child lies for they know not to speak of whom they truly are lest face the hate of their own blood once more.


things have changed, where some 49.5 lands meet under a single starry banner.


those who are aged free-folks here

they have fought many battles and formed tribes.


and to this day when the wise ones are long cast into the sea but never forgotten

we still form our own tribes.


some may only have but a few folks and limited resources, but no matter how small, be it two souls or many hundred, we all still provide for each other in any way we can,


taking after those before us to ensure that

we all may rest easier…


knowing that with enough coin most of those still trapped whether over the seas or even in more southern lands just a day or so away from us


may all someday tell a final lie to board a rowing ship

upon some dark night

to join us


to finally be


f r e e


to live as they are

not just folks of Africa nor the Americas nor anywhere in particular


under one symbol we all live

a symbol so close that even earth itself displays it in seven bright hues after each rainstorm.


some elders say perhaps this is to show that even when one of us has fallen overboard and is taken back to one of the seven seas to

rest forevermore,

that we ought to weep for them but always remember, when you see the seven hues upon the clear sky to keep fighting for the next

generation to be free.


to be treated,

not as villains

but more like a hero.


united all of our tribes stand under one symbol

with all of us since the very beginning.


The r a i n b o w