Koi Fish

artwork by Ta’Sha Cole

The Blue tears of sorrow

Kaltumo Abdikadir From Soldan International Studies

The color blue. 

A symbol of imagination. 

A symbol of hope. 

To cope the feelings of sorrow. 

Swallow the hollow eco in the misty mellow. 

This is my last cry. 

I have tapped my tears dry. 

Blue is for the ocean, as the commotion of the waves motion  

But with a dash of darkness. 

The blue sea drifting, as I am sad, tears blue. 

What is wrong with feeling blue? 

As I am the blueprint of my sorrow. 

Tomorrow I can dance in the rain under the blue skies,  

As the water sweeps over my feet surrounds where I stand. 

The water talks to me, calling me to the soft sand. 

The blue is now a part of my memory to cherish.