Creativity Unleashed

Creativity Ubleashed by Luke Fenwick

Skippinng Stone

A Poem By Jaiyana Stallworth from Central VPA high School

I dream of the impossible

a world where I can forever remain a skipping stone,

a purpose decided, being picked for being the best

and resting in the sands that are kissed by the sun


I feel a different warmth every now and again,

the hands of the decider bringing me comfort.

I was the one they wanted! Me out of everyone!

I can’t feel bad for glowing happy in the sadness of others.


Yet life must stomp on us all so one day I become a skipped stone,

left to drown underwater, no more sun kissed sand or warm hands.

I feel the love of my decider for a few longing moments

and just as fast, the cold deep water splashes me with reality.


In a different world, I could’ve been one of the imperfect rocks,

Given the feeling of warmth and hope for a split second and having it snatched away

All because I wasn’t right, I was jagged and scratched.

Dropped in the sand without a second thought but I’d be alive and warm.


Or I could be a rock with no real purpose.