"The Yearn for The Butterfly" Ronald Comage, Central VPA

A forever thing

Jaiyana Stallworth

I lie awake at night and with my eyes wide open, I dream.

I so vividly see you and me, dancing in the sky on clouds of pink.

So unafraid to fall, we dare to twirl.

We dance above every care in the world.


We’re more than the hurtful words people hurl our way.

We’re stronger than the sharp stabs of discouragement that sting.

We’re an impenetrable force, stronger than steel planks.

There’s no limit on our forever thing.


Envious souls try to shoot missiles at the sun.

They wish for everyone’s days to be as dark as their hearts.

But nothing reaches far enough, the eclipse passes, another day we’ve won.

Our joined hands create a roaring spark.


Cause we’re brighter than the shadows cast toward us.

The dreams we share more concrete, than the nightmares they bring.

Slandering speech can’t weaken our trust.

What we have right here is a forever thing.


We overcome consistently, one day, they’ll learn.

There’s no power in their stares. They fire, they spit, we will not burn.

Cause we’re the sun, we’re stars, and we burn brighter.

Inside these lovers lie Spartan fighters.


Deafening shrieks of animosity are drowned out by the songs we sing.

We dodge the arrows of doubt you shoot at our wings.

Your status holds no power because we are kings.


So take all the mighty hatred in your body, step up to bat, and swing.

There’s no doubt we’ll be winning this game with ease.

Cause if there’s one fact you can always trust and believe,

You know that there is no stopping our forever thing.