"Untitled" Jovi Vaughn, Central VPA

No More chances

Yurisky velazquez vera, Central VPA

You come and leave,  you hurt me even more,  

you’ll stay or leave. And hurt me even more. Lies or

 truth?  You kill me with double masks, and     all         the       lies.

Stop Acting.    Get Yourself Together.             Your shows:     are tells, 

are tired games—

And I’m tired of your games . 

My heart breaks into a   mi l l i o n  p i e  c e  s 

Harsh words come out your mouth and,

I          like      the          silence              more. And I give so many chances  

but you’d always take advantage….                               It’s time to go,

 for me, myself, and I . 

You ignored me,  

and you had me, 


but still made me your ghost. Without you: 

I’m better, and my life is so much easier; 

and now the heavy rock is off my shoulder  and without you,

 now, I can make a wish: 

I wish life treats you good.