The Following Page Contains Mentions Of: *Mass shootings, *Gun Violence, *C-PTSD,

The Sad Reality

Ismail N. Botchway, Colligiate SMB

It was Monday, October 24, 2022;

 it was time for school, and sitting in class, learning,  & 

we hear the announcement of an intruder; there was an active shooter. Students crying in the back of

classrooms. Teachers,  

barricading  doors. 


This sad reality was unknown, but reality now:

Was, will we make it



Rest in Peace to the victims: Alexzandria Bell and Jean Kuczka


A teacher was killed for protecting the kids. A kid killed

 for being a kid, 

in one,

of the countless incidents—

with thousands,

more victims 

Students fearing for their life

 at school & not knowing 

“if you’ll make it home?” 

is cruel. 


Why is this normal?

Why can’t we change? 

 How many people will we lose before people realize this is not a game? 

Day after day, we check the news. 

We continue to see this trend. 

 When will it end? 

Who is to blame: the maker?

 Or the taker of these guns? 

There’s plenty of blame to go around. But at the end of the day,

 It’s still a crying shame.


 You might get: Murdered at school. In the middle of the street. In the confines your

homes, but  it seems there is no place where you’re safe. Come home before the street lights come on, 

stay in school. 

Do the right thing, 

and follow all the rules. The sad truth? 


can do 



but still, 

be a victim of this kind of senseless crime.


In these sad times, we see mothers burying their daughters. Their sons. Their brothers. 

Their sisters. Children traumatized.

 Our teachers are scared. So we fight for gun control. 

Still, nothing gets done. Gun violence is only a symptom. 


There have been years of poverty, hopelessness, and despair. 

This issue is so prevalent, but many

 don’t care. 

We need to search long and hard to find a cure. 

How much more of this can we endure? Don’t just sit there.


Do something. 


Talk to your lawmakers. Advocate for our lives. We need to make a change.


sad reality can be rearranged. We need to protect our brothers and sisters. We need to

protect the teachers. The students. The parents. Everyone. Rest in peace to the countless

victims. You will always

 be missed. 

& we pray for change.