What is racism?

Ismail N. Botchway, Colligiate SMB

Racism, what does that mean? Is it the color of our skin?

Is it the color that we bleed?


You see, racism; is just a prejudice thing.


Who’s better than who—

am I better than them? Are they better than me?

You see, this prejudice is a di/visor

A di/vision, a di/viding force—

But what does that mean?

This thing we call racism is di/ viding

us  from brothers and sisters to competitors

Climbing the ladder by one-upping another

Is that

       who we are supposed to be?


Look around and you will see:

      this issue is bigger than you and me: 

this issue creates a di/chotomy 

Are you part of the problem or the solution? 

There can only be one resolution, 


that is my