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From Metro A&C High School

For Black Girls

Poem by Jaiyana Stallworth from Central VPA High School

I’ve had to adapt to the world around me.

I’m not stupid, I’m not naïve

But sometimes I wish things could be simple.

But no, simple wasn’t meant for my people.

Sometimes I forget, I type without a care.

I don’t think twice when I look up “Cute Hairstyles”

Silky. Straight. Thin. Different.

Something so simple, I shouldn’t forget.

“Cute Hairstyles For Black Girls” is how I have to live.

Never get hope, never think things will change.

Because everyone thinks the change is all over.

Because things like this don’t matter if they’re so small.

Cause it doesn’t matter if I look up “baby dolls”

Light skin, straight light hair, blue eyes, nothing alike.

I have to type “Black baby dolls”

Because it matters, it’ll always matter.

Because this world isn’t for me, never has been, but I should just shut my mouth and stop complaining.

People have had it worse. Things have changed so much.

I’m nitpicking, overthinking, we’ve been given enough.


“Make-Up For Black Girls”

“Salons Near Me”

“Salons Near Me For Black Hair”


“Hair Products”

“Hair Products For Black People”

“Cute Braid Styles”

Cute Braid Styles For Black People”

“Princes” “Princesses”

“Black Princes” “Black Princesses”

“Nice Neighborhoods”

“Neighborhoods Safe For Black People”