The Brotherhood

by Dyamond Wright

By Devyn Buckner

Ever since childhood I was happy.
But as life went on, things changed.
I changed.
I had less friends to play with at home as I got older, felt out of place with family due to the age gap between them and I, and my own father rarely spent time with me unless
my mother called him to make him remember he had a fourth kid.
I’ve never had a close male relationship before.
But that changed when High School came into my life.
A teacher treated me like a son, and let me join a group that made me
feel I actually had brothers and cousins and just overall friends my age.
It’s a brotherhood I cherish.
I may not be super close to them, but I’ve opened up to them more than my actual brothers. Even more than the one I lived with.
There are times when I feel worthless and hopeless and just all around
undeserving of what I have.
But when I take a look around at all the people that show they care about and love me, ESPECIALLY the brotherhood, it makes me feel like I actually have a chance
to do things with my life.
BIG things. Things that matter.
Without my brotherhood, I don’t know what would come of me.
And quite frankly, I don’t want to know because I don’t care.
The negative possibilities will never get to me.
I may still have my off days every now and then, but who doesn’t.
Life throws curveballs, challenges, and obstacles in front of everyone, but we still roll with the punches because it’s Life.
No matter how messy it gets, it always has a silver lining after the storm.
And my silver lining just so happens to be my brotherhood.
And it’s not just limited to my school family, but my home family as well.
I owe a lot to the Brotherhood.
And I’ll repay it by continuing to do good and make a difference.

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