Sweet Plague

by Trent Lovett


Are you aware of this bond that is inexplicably strong?

So hard for me to believe it when doctors say to me it is okay—but , she did not make it…

How can anyone be okay after that?

Time is constant.

But, change is inevitable. To be optimistic, a blessing and a curse.

All that I take for granted will all be long one day.

Why don’t I cherish every little piece of it? Maybe it’s because in the moment I have a mysterious sense of knowledge.

I am a piece of sweet potato pie.

Sweet but bitter, I am but no pressure.

So underestimated in the act because the pie is always visible, but you don’t get that bitterness until you actually have your own slice.

People get a bite and conform the thought or idea that I’m a vision in their perception.

I know every get is not a diamond, which is why I became a crystal.

I mean, why not be



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