by Morgan Poe


We sit and we stare
In a paralyzed display of affection
Destined to meet that dead end at the end of this one way street we call a relationship
Love shouldn’t be forced but it seems as though its potential has run out and now we are simply kinetic
Rolling through the breeze of that winter night when we first met
Silent as the moon in the clouds as it sweeps the night sky
Beautiful and serene
Yet this silence is different
Silence is filled more with awkwardness than quiet
What is there to say
“I Love You”
Is that even true hell you told me you loved me and then you left
You loved chocolate!
Till you ate I
What am I? Just another snack
I mean I know I’m tasty but uhhmmm
Nahh nahh I refuse to be simplified into such simple terms
If anything I’m a 5 course meal
With a few left overs you know
For later on
But likewise there should not be a later on
Seeming much more similar to a never
brimming on broken
like the windows of a vacant home
That seems more together than we are
at least it’s still standing.
But we sit and we stare
un the silence of a failed relationship we both can’t seem to let go because true love never dies
But what is true love
My definition from the heart and yours from dictionary dot com
Sumn ain’t right
Hell, are we even on the same page?
It doesn’t add up
Me plus you equals an X but why
Taking all the factors into account we find that
Opposites only attract when they really are opposites
Not one pretending to be something they’re not
a picture is worth a thousand words but the image you are giving is silent, gray, and boring
But you know me
that luh pop of color with a hint of sass and not that much but barely there ass
Ha ha you on the other hand
You’re more like the elephant in the room
Not saying you big but your presence is
A big fat lie
Dripping with wanna be
Oozing a false you
That sits silently and stares
At X marks the spot of what we used to be

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