My Crush

20 colored pencil & pastel
by Isabel Suarez

By Devyn Buckner

Playful, confident, hilarious, and beautiful, this girl is no doubt nothing but true. She’s lovable beyond compare and even has style and flare. She brings joy to my life without knowing, emotion to my heart without any intention, my crush, my crush, my crush.

Eyes so big, brown and beautiful they remind me of chocolate. A heart full of love and personality full of kindness, my crush, my crush, my crush.

This girl sends me on a wild ride every day, this girl makes me wanna hold onto her so tight, she makes me wanna put up a fight for her attention and affection. She makes me feel more alive than I already feel. Because she makes it feel like an adventure everyday. My crush, my crush, my crush.

Her vivacious ways make the perfect end to all days. I dream of her and me and all that we could be, all I feel, all I need, is the emotional fuel given to me by none other than, my crush, my crush, my crush.

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